SlimFast, after almost a decade in the shadows of the diet aisle, was ready to make a comeback. A lot has changed in the world of food and nutrition since the brand's launch in 1977. But some insights are timeless: SlimFast's grab-able, pack-able, ready-to-drink approach to weight loss remained entirely relevant for a population as on-the-go as ever. 

We set out to make SlimFast the brand that got it.

Life moves fast. We get it.
Ain't no one has time to cook 3 nutritious meals a day. We get it. 
Your best friend's wedding snuck up on you and now that bridesmaid dress's zipper is a little too tight. We get it.

We created micro-content and longer form video that captured all sides of dieting. The time saving hacks. The ways to mix it up.  The motivation. The emotional roller coasters. The moments of victory. We get it. All of it. 

Brand Ambassador Content

SlimFast works closely with Brand Ambassadors who have successfully lost weight on SlimFast. Up until now, these ambassadors acted as little more than happy figures dancing on a seamless in the brand's TV spots. But we sat the ambassadors down to tell their full stories, and used the interview content we captured to create emotionally relatable content that would resonate on social.

Social Content